Borderlands provides a meeting place for any people wanting to transform the current personal, professional and organisational practices which are ultimately destructive to our planet’s sustainability. We are based in Hawthorn, Melbourne (Australia).

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Two Anthill book events!

Anthill Mob (Authors) & the Institute of Community Development invite you to two Anthill book events in Sydney:

Fri 10 July

Time 6 – 8pm

Location Glee Books

49 Glebe Point Rd

Glebe, Sydney

Dr Donna Rooney – Lecturer, Adult Education and Organisational Learning, University of Technology, Sydney

Sat 11 July

Time 12noon – 2pm
Location Enid Cook Room

Surry Hills Neighbourhood Centre

Surry Hills, Sydney

Adj Prof Jacques Boulet – Co-Founder Borderlands Cooperative & Co-Founder of OASES Graduate School

Hear from the authors; their experiences & views on community emergence, control and rebellion.  Light refreshments provided.  Pick up a copy of the book at either event, or order online at: cd.borderlands.org.au

Anthill Front Cover

The book is a series of stories interwoven with stories from others such as bell hooks, Paulo Freire, Patti Lather and Aboriginal Elders. They are stories that carry method, that carry tears, that carry regrets, that carry rage and carry hope. I cannot tell the reader what kind of a book this is. Perhaps that provides the best evidence of what the authors seek to achieve. I can tell readers that this is utterly fascinating and that for those who work with community, this really is a must read.

Prof. Budd Hall
UNESCO Chair in Community-Based Research and Social Responsibility
School of Public Administration
University of Victoria, Canada

What will be the landscape of community work in the ‘not yet’ time? We don’t know. But there will be rupture in the relationship between the state and newly emergent communities and reshaped emergent communities of our now time. Control will be transgressed. We can be certain of that. There is already rupture – communities emerging, resistant to colonisation by government, Anthill prefigures that time.

Anthill Mob

People Power Participation. OUT NOW

Borderlands is proud to introduce its first Publication: AVAILABLE NOW

People, Power, Participation: living community development

A memoir and reflections on community development


This book contributes to a history of community development in Australia and to debates about its future as a strategy for social change. The author’s lived experience, told through stories of activism, practice and teaching from the 1960s on, is a means for identifying changes in community development theories/practices and factors influencing those changes. Highlighted are positive outcomes for disadvantaged people as well as tensions and contradictions, notably those arising from government patronage.

The author calls for re-affirmation of community development as a significant means for tackling social problems. Increased sponsorship by non-government organisations committed to social justice and ecological sustainability is prioritised, as is deconstruction of an understanding of community development as a paid occupation only. Rather, it is seen as a way of doing things that emphasises connection, participatory democracy and common good, a way which can inform all aspects of human activity.



Mary Lane is an honorary senior lecturer in the Faculty of Education and Social Work, The University of Sydney. In 2012 the University awarded her an Honorary Doctorate of Letters in Social Work. Her involvement in community activism began in the 1960s and from 1974-1982 she was employed as a community development worker in western Sydney. In 1983, she joined the staff of the Social Work Department at The University of Sydney where the primary focus of her work has been community work and peace and conflict studies.

A keen interest in the development of practice theory has entailed extensive documentation and analysis of community practice. Her work has been widely published, nationally and internationally, in academic journals, books and practice booklets, and includes the production of audio-visual material. Mary is married, is a mother and grandmother

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