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Borderlands Cooperative is a non-profit organisation involved in community, social and international development, ecological sustainability and social justice.


Borderlands Institute for Community Development

We invite you to join us in the revitalisation of community development through education, publications and consultations.

Borderlands Institute of Community Development conducts workshops, short courses and mentoring programs. We also offer publishing opportunities, organisational development, research, evaluation and consultancy.

Student Placements

Students are trained in evaluation and consultancy, and provide some administrative and management support to Borderlands. We offer intern positions fairly regularly,   so give us a call to discuss your interests.

Borderlands Consulting

Borderlands undertakes a range of research, consultancy and project work for governments, NGOs and other organisations. We work in program design, evaluation, social and environmental impact studies & needs analysis.  Projects are undertaken by members and colleagues with relevant backgrounds.  We favour participatory research and community engagement processes to ensure optimal relevance and validity of outcomes. Sustainability measures are included as integral to program design and evaluation. Borderlands is committed to transformative processes, practices and practical application of skills.

We also offer a program of workshops and short courses that assist people in working with communities. We invite you to take a look at our Program page for our current offerings


Our interests span:

  • community development and regenerating local urban and rural Australian communities
  • participatory democracy
  • resurgence of community
  • local and international community activism
  • reclaiming personal responsibility to care for the earth
  • re-connecting with each other and with our local ecology
  • deep social theory
  • restorative practice
  • transitioning to new economies
  • Accessing subjugated knowledge ( e.g. The traditional wisdom of First Nation Australians)
  • ecology
  • spirituality
  • anthropology
  • sustainable economics
  • social policy
  • urban, rural and international community development
  • research methods, epistemologies and participatory action research
  • participatory democracy
  • International development

Borderlands Knowledge Base

Academic literature is tested against the realities of the lived experience of people in their myriad locations and our value base of solidarity with people who endure unjust exercises of power . Having equivalent validity, international knowledge bases inform Borderlands, namely from Continental Europe, the English speaking world, Latin America, First World Indigenous traditions, Africa, the Indian Sub-Continent, Asia and the Pacific.