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Get Involved



We’d love you to join us!

Sign up today and come in to enjoy our library of over 15,000 books. We’ll send you our quarterly newsletter and add you to our mailing list so we can notify you about upcoming events and workshops.  Cooperative members are invited to come in and talk with us about how they can be more actively involved and also get to have a say in making plans for how we contribute our little bit of good for the world!

We look forward to meeting you.

Download this file – post, fax or drop in to become a member. membership
Note – you will need Adobe Reader to access the file (click here to obtain a free copy of Adobe Reader).

Project work

This is a general open call to researchers, social workers and community workers (or other appropriately qualified and experienced people) interested and able to do project work; to seek out potential projects and write submissions – work with us at Borderlands either singly or as a team.

With Borderlands involvement, supervision and support, 20% of project income goes right back into the cooperative, so that we can pay the rent, keep computers updated, pay for general office upkeep, sustain the active work of holistic community development, activism, ecological sustainability and action research going into the future.

Borderlands is a non-profit cooperative, so if you see potential projects or are thinking about writing a submission, come join us in a supportive and supervised office – either give us a call or drop in to say hello. New faces are always welcome.

 Volunteer Positions at Borderlands

We love volunteers at Borderlands – in fact, without students and volunteers, Borderlands would certainly not be where it is today – a wonderful independent network for holistic community activism, sustainability and action research.

In the past, volunteers have participated in organising the library catalogue, carrying out essential administration, assisted in open days, book sales and workshops, and most importantly been a wonderful presence in the Borderlands environment. On a day-to-day basis we have enthralling chats about the world at large, our role within it, and our interactions with the various communities in our midst.

At present, we would love some more minds and hands on board to help with:

    • Administration – general office work, from newsletters to communication, developing our database, to seeking grants and help with getting organised for upcoming events.  If you can help with any of these tasks, please contact us.
    • Library – We have a 13.000 (and growing) book library that has a continuous flow of volunteers who catalogue, shelve and read books! You don’t have to be a librarian, just get in touch and we’ll teach you how you can help. We also have collections of written material which needs to be organised so that it is accessible.

If you have other skills, knowledge, wisdom, understanding, ideas and would like to be a part of Borderlands, please contact us and get involved!