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Our library of over 13,000 titles is based on social justice and community development. It exists to support the work of Borderlands Cooperative, its researchers and interns, and the oases Graduate School at the Augustine Centre, Hawthorn, Victoria. Not all the books are recent, but the information they contain is timely. We are especially proud of the Gandhi Peace and Nonviolence Library; this includes the first edition of his collected works, information about those who influenced him, those he influenced, and relationships between the eastern and western cultures; we thank the family of Vin deCruz, who donated his impressive Gandhi collection to us.

The Borderlands library holds books, journals, CDs, DVDs, videos, and e-books. 

While anyone is free to come to the library and read, only members of Borderlands or another organisation located at the Augustine Centre may borrow. 

Some books new to our library include these: 
Posey, Darrell Addison.  Beyond intellectual property : toward traditional resource rights for indigenous peoples and local communities.
De Satgé, Rick. Learning about livelihoods : insights from southern Africa.
Wettenhall, Roger Lewellyn.  Bushfire disaster : an Australian community in crisis.
Prison profiteers : who makes money from mass incarceration.
Strain, Ellen.  Public places, private journeys : ethnography, entertainment, and the tourist gaze.
Bernstein, Ann and Weiner, Myron. Migration and refugee policies : an overview.
Heiss, Anita.  Am I black enough for you? 
Abulafia, David.  The discovery of mankind : Atlantic encounters in the age of Columbus.
Drèze, Jean and Sen, Amartya.  Hunger and public action.
Terry, Fiona.  Condemned to repeat? : the paradox of humanitarian action.
Richman, N. (Naomi).  Communicating with children : helping children in distress.
Edwards, Michael.  Future positive : international co-operation in the 21st century.
Queensland Program of Assistance to Survivors of Torture and Trauma. Refugee learning circle kit : grassroots education around refugees.