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ANTHILL  A place of knowledge about community work &  management

Neil Stuart, John Rule, Kate Nola, Roy Bishop, Gael Kennedy

$25 plus $5 postage & handling

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Mary  Lane  $30 plus $5 postage and handling

"This is a powerful review of Community Development in Australia from the 1960s to the present. From a lifetime's work practising and teaching community development, the author offers a long perspective on changes in approaches.  Written in a personal and engaging voice, the book critiques the drift away from the activist oriented work of the 60s and 70s toward a narrower focus on service management.

Mary's teaching was active and participatory strongly in keeping with the values and processes that guided her earlier work as a community development practitioner.  Student involvement in community projects was a key aspect of her teaching.  Included in this book is a story of how one of her...

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RETURN TO MAJADDIN Kimberley Homecoming

Eddie Bear and Robert Hoskin $30 plus $5 postage & handling

Ngarinyin Elder and community leader, Eddie Bear shares his family story with Dr Robert Hoskin, researcher and retired minister of the Uniting Church.  The story begins with life in the remote land of Majaddin in the West Kimberley and continues through colonialist incursions as Eddie's family took refuge at the Munja Aboriginal feeding station on the Kimberley Coast.  Following Munja's demise the family joined with other Ngarinyin families working on pastoral stations (Kimberley Downs and Napier) Eddie and his siblings grew up on these stations and would later seek work in this developing industry. 

Social disruptions in the pastoral industry forced the family to move to Derby and the nea...

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frank Fisher $30 plus $5 postage & handling

" The future is not somewhere we are going, but somehting we are creating.  We all make choices every day that make some futures more likely and others less likely.  It is a fundamental moral duty to be trying to build a sustainable future.  If the way we live is not sustainable, we are essentially stealing from our own descendants.

We are more likely to be healthy if we live in a healthy community, and more likely to have healthy communities if we have healthy ecological systems. This principle has been recognised for decades.  The Healthy Cities movement, now including more than 4000 urban areas, has put increasing emphasis on the need for healthy environments.  That natural workd does n...

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Concetta Benn $5 plus $5 postage & handling 

Participation is an elusive notion. To some people, it is satisfied by the right to elect parliamentary representatives.  At the other end of the extreme, there are those who believe that complete consensus is a condition of legitimate decision making. 

In Australia, there is popular rhetoric that asserts the fundamental importance of participation despite clear evidence of the inequalities that exist in political and economic life.  In social welfare, participation, used in a particular sense, is an important part of practice.  Social workers and others who help through counselling or providing resources, are not supposed to make decisions for those with whom they work. 

Even so, social...

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