NED Foundation Grants Scheme

Borderlands manages a small grants program on behalf of the NED Foundation.  Anyone interested in finding out more about this or making an application should discuss their ideas with Lesley Shuttleworth on 0428 488 215

The NED Foundation ( is a not-for-profit organisation established for the purpose of supporting people and organisations, who share our vision to develop and implement initiatives that are aligned with our goals as outlined in this document.   


The NED Foundation has three key areas – NED Inc. Grants Program, Restorative Practice and the Social Developers’ Network.


Our grants program is a community-focused initiative and we know that many people who need our support do not necessarily have experience in developing projects and funding applications.  Because we want to support initiatives that often ‘fall between the cracks’ and do not attract other kinds of funding, we will help you to develop your ideas and help with completing an application.



NED supports projects in Australia contributing to its broad goals which are:


  • building a life-enhancing, inclusive ethos;

  • improving linkages, mutual acceptance and co-operation;

  • maximising our human potential at the levels of:

    • the individual person,

    • communities everywhere,

    • global society;

  • steering ourselves effectively and collectively towards a future for our planet, by building capacity to foster and support social change. Our other work with the Social Developers Network ( is complementary to the work through this grants program.  

  • promoting and supporting Restorative Practice. 

  • promoting and supporting Regenerative Practice. 


All applicants must discuss their application with our Grants Management Team at Borderlands Cooperative before making a submission.  Lesley Shuttleworth, the Grant Manager, will discuss your idea and how it fits our guidelines.  She can also assist you in developing your idea further and submitting your application.  Lesley may also arrange other mentoring support for you. As she works part-time, please leave a message if you are not able to connect.

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