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Membership or holding shares are important ways of being involved and supporting the work of the Co-operative.  According to our rules you must establish active membership and this can be done by paying an annual membership fee; or becoming a shareholder in the Co-operative. 

This involves the purchase of shares and actively participating in at least one activity each year. This may be a meeting, use of our space or resources in order to further our aims and objectives.  Alternatively you may choose to make a donation to further our activities.

Members are entitled to vote in the election of a board of directors and also receive our quarterly newsletter.  Members and shareholders are entitled to a discount on all workshops and events.

The annual membership fee is $25 or $15 for concession holders

The price of shares is $100 per share.

If you would like to join us please complete the form in the link below and pay as directed.

We look forward to meeting you.


Regular Membership: $25/yr

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Concession Membership: $15/yr

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Newsletter (by post) : $10

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Buy Shares: (x $100)

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