Workshops & Events

Welcome to our workshop, community events and  conversations program. We’ve designed these to support all those who are working to make a difference and do their bit to re-generate our precious world.  In what seems to be increasingly uncertain times, we think it more important than ever that we develop our understanding of what is happening and make careful judgements about how to respond.  Building our awareness, knowledge and expertise is an important part of this.  You’ll find a range of workshops listed and we will be adding more. So do stay in touch. Borderlands can also tailor learning opportunities for the particular needs of organisations and groups. Our workshops and short courses are all based on practical examples of supporting communities to creatively follow their passion for re-generative practices, social justice, peace and human rights.


Places are limited to ensure that everyone is able to participate fully so bookings are essential.  All fees include g.s.t. All fees need to be paid in full before the workshop.  If you are not able to do so please get in touch to see if we can help out.  Borderlands is open to negotiation on other means of contribution to course fees so if you are not able to make a financial contribution please talk to us and see if we can make a plan with you. 


We usually provide a light lunch so please let us know if you have any particular dietary requirements. 

For enquiries or more information please contact Lesley on (03) 9819 3439 or (03)9819 3239 or

Borderlands encourages participation in multiple ways so if you have ideas for a workshop that aligns with our principles  and practice and are suitably qualified please do get in touch. We do ask that facilitators take out a membership (and you are also welcome to become a shareholder) 

 If you need any further information about any of our programs please contact Lesley Shuttleworth on(03) 9819 3439 or (03) 9819 3239   or e-maiil  Lesley works part time so if you do not manage to make contact please leave a message and she’ll get back you.

No upcoming events at the moment